Arizona 1916 ballot measures

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Twelve statewide ballot measures were on the November 7, 1916 ballot in Arizona.

On the ballot

November 7

Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Questions 100 and 101 Direct Democracy Provides that initiative and referendum measures become laws when approved a majority vote of the total vote cast at an election Defeatedd
LRCA Questions 102 and 103 Taxes Allows for certain exemptions from taxation Defeatedd
CICA Questions 104 and 105 Alcohol Prohibits the sale, distribution or possession of intoxicating beverages Approveda
CICA Questions 106 and 107 Redistricting Establishes a system whereby state senators are elected at large and representatives from districts Defeatedd
CICA Questions 108 and 109 Alcohol Grants cities, towns and counties the ability to decide via popular vote the legality of alcohol within their jurisdictions Defeatedd
CICA Questions 110 and 111 Labor Regulates hazardous workplaces and occupations, provides for workers’ compensation for injuries and establishes the Industrial Accident Board Defeatedd
CICA Questions 112 and 113 Legislature Abolishes the Arizona Senate Approveda
CISS Questions 300 and 301 Death Penalty Abolishes the death penalty Approveda
CISS Questions 302 and 303 Admin of Gov't Establishes a Department of Labor Defeatedd
CISS Questions 304 and 305 Admin of Gov't Establishes an Office of State Architect and Superintendent of Building Defeatedd
CISS Questions 306 and 307 Hunt & Fish Creates hunting and fishing seasons and bag limits and requires licenses Approveda
CISS Questions 308 and 309 Marriage & Family Expands the legal grounds for a marriage divorce Defeatedd

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