Arizona Farm Bureau

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Arizona Farm Bureau

The Arizona Farm Bureau is a independent, non-governmental grassroots organization meant to represent agricultural interests in Arizona. They are the "Voice of Agriculture in Arizona." The organization is meant to help farmers deal with the agricultural problems that have been presented in recent times. The Arizona Farm Bureau seeks to achieve educational improvement, economic opportunity, and social advancement in order to promote the financial and overall well being of agriculture and our members.[1]


  • Americas progress based on freedom and dignity of the individual, sustained by basic moral religious concepts.
  • Economic progress, cultural advancement, ethical and religious principles are best accomplished by free, responsible individuals.
  • Idividual freedom can not be sacrificed for guaranteed security
  • Government should be run by legislative and constitutional law, impartially administered, without special privilege.
  • "Individuals have a moral responsibility to help preserve freedom for future generations by participating in public affairs and by helping to elect candidates who share their fundamental beliefs and principles."
  • "People have the right and the responsibility to speak for themselves individually or through organizations of their choice without coercion or government intervention."
  • "Property rights are among the human rights essential to the preservation of individual freedom."
  • Belief "that legislation and regulation favorable to all sectors of agriculture should be aggressively developed in cooperation with allied groups possessing common goals."[2]


  • "The Arizona Farm Bureau Board of Directors is made up of volunteer leaders from all 13 active county Farm Bureaus. This board makes decisions, based on Farm Bureau policy, that guide the direction of our 21,000+ member farm and ranch organization. The board is seated at the state annual convention each November."[3]

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