Arizona Senate Bill 1393 (2010)

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Arizona Senate Bill 1393 (2010)
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Legislature:Arizona State Legislature
Text:House Engrossed
Sponsor(s):Paton, Nelson, et al
Legislative History
Introduced:February 2, 2010
State house:April 14, 2010
Vote (lower house):Y53, N1, NV6
State senate:April 1, 2010
Vote (upper house):Y26, N0, NV4
Governor:Jan Brewer
Signed:April 28, 2010
Legal Environment
State law:Laws governing the initiative
process in Arizona

Arizona Senate Bill 1393 was introduced and sponsored by the Senators: Jonathan Paton (R-1) and John Nelson (R-12). It was signed by Governor Jan Brewer (R) on April 28, 2010.[1]


SB 1339 modified how election records must be stored. The bill mandated that groups advocating for or against ballot measures must file an amended statement of organization if the organization's name, the serial number of the petition, or the organization's statement of support or opposition is modified. It exempted individual contributions to independent expenditure committees from the $5,610 yearly contribution limit. The bill allowed contributors to donate more than $5,610 to political committees promoting the election or defeat of a state or local candidate. The bill changed records keeping rules as regarding donations. Concerning the initiative process, the bill instructed the Arizona Secretary of State to exclude from counting any sheets circulated by someone ineligible to do so and any signature where the accompanying information was printed by the circulator. The bill also forbid the Secretary of State from refusing an election filing and changes registration requirements for lobbyists.

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