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Arizona amendment rounds out ballot question trifecta for November

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April 25, 2012

By Al Ortiz


PHOENIX, Arizona: Arizona will no longer vote on two questions this coming November.

As of April 25, there will now be three questions on the ballot. The Arizona Legislature has been busy this legislative session, as their latest order of business was to send a constitutional amendment to voters that would give businesses a property tax break on newly acquired equipment.

Other measures on the ballot, both constitutional amendments, include a proposal to prohibit crime victims from being subject to a claim for damages for causing harm to a person if that person is killed or injured when engaging in, or fleeing after, a felony crime. The other would modify of the Appellate and Trial Court Commissions. If it passes, specifically the measure would increase the terms of judges from six to eight years and the retirement age from 75 to 70, among other provisions.

The number of ballot measures could increase, given the state's recent history of questions on the ballot.

In 2010, voters flocked to the polls to decide on 11 statewide proposals, approving only five of them. In 2008, eight measures were placed in front of state residents, with only two achieving voter approval.

State lawmakers aren't the only ones who can place proposals in front of voters, as Arizona is one of 26 states that implements some form of the initiative and referendum process.

Both initiated constitutional amendments and initiated state statutes can be proposed in the state, where supporters of those ballot initiative efforts have until the July 5, 2012 petition drive deadline to turn in the required amount of signatures for their proposals. Signature requirements for ballot initiative efforts are 259,212 signatures for constitutional amendments and 172,808 for state statutes.

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