Arizona governor calls special session amidst budget crisis

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December 15, 2009

PHOENIX, Arizona: Governor Jan Brewer met with legislative officials this week to discuss whether or not to hold a special session for lawmakers to brainstorm ideas relating to a potential sales tax increase ballot measure and the state budget crisis. Some leading state politicians say that the budget crisis is the worst the state has gone through and believe the sooner the ballot measure is put before voters, the sooner the state will see relief. Brewer decided to hold the special session on December 16, 2009.[1][2]

According to Brewer: "I certainly believe that is something that we need to do. We need to get into special session. We need to take that bite of the apple. and begin getting this budget under control. The important thing that we do now is go in there and try to do what we can with the budget in regards to reductions and certainly get the (sales tax) referral out to the people and let the people decide."

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