Arizonans For Healthcare Freedom

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Arizonans For Healthcare Freedom

Arizonans For Healthcare Freedom is the group that conceived the Arizona Healthcare Freedom Act, prop. 106. The idea for prop. 106 was created by the Chairman Dr. Eric Novack in 2006. The organization's goal "is to influence and mobilize thought and policy leaders and their supporters locally and nationally to the battle to protect individual rights in this arena, including the extensive promotion of these groups with local and national media of all types."[1]

Two major rights to be protected

  • The right of individuals to be able to spend their own money to access and receive lawful health care services (and for providers to legally give that care and receive compensation).
  • The right of individuals to choose to not participate in any health care system or plan without a penalty or fine.[2]


  • The organization is run by Chairman Novack.

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