Arkansas Four-Year Terms for County Sheriffs Initiative (2008)

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The Four-Year Terms for County Sheriffs initiative would have changed the elected terms of county sheriffs from two years to four years.

This measure was a citizen-initiated constitutional amendment.

The official ballot title reads:

A constitutional amendment changing the term of office of county sheriff from the current two (2) years to four (4) years; making the amendment applicable to those sheriffs who are elected in 2010 and thereafter; and repealing all provisions of the Arkansas Constitution in conflict with the amendment.


The measure was being pushed by the Arkansas Sheriffs Association. Supporters argued that two-year terms force county officials to spend too much of their time getting re-elected, rather than focusing on the job they were elected to do.

"Particularly for a new sheriff, he’s in office for a year, and suddenly, he’s got to start campaigning for his next term," Pulaski County Sheriff Charles "Doc" Holladay said. "He might be faced with having to spend much of his time trying to get re-elected and it takes away from his ability to do the job the way he should," Holladay said.[1]

"Any sheriff that comes in and puts forward new programs needs to have time to let those programs have an effect," Holladay added.[1]


Supporters were unable to collect the necessary signatures and did not file petitions by the July 7, 2008, deadline.[2] Supporters announced in early June that they were having trouble collecting the 77,468 signatures required to make the November 2008 ballot, having still two-thirds of the requirement to collect.[1]

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