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Armando Gomez and Althea Polanski recall, Milpitas, California (2012)

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An effort to recall Armando Gomez and Althea Polanski from their elected positions on the city council of Milpitas, California, in Santa Clara County was launched in March 2012[1] and abandoned in May 2012.[2]

Reasons for recall

Linda Windisch and Dan Manassau organized the recall effort. Recall organizers said they were concerned with Polanski and Gomez's potential support of medical marijuana dispensaries. Gomez said he suspected the recall may have been initiated because of he and Polanski’s votes earlier this year supporting a moratorium to stop converting land zoned for business into residential areas.[1] At a recent city council meeting, Manassau notified Gomez and Polanski that they were being targeted for recall, saying the duo had "worked against the best interests of the residents of our city for far too long," and that their "ongoing pursuit of marijuana shops is but one example."[3] However, on May 1, the city council voted unanimously to reaffirm its ban on medical marijuana facilities.[4]

Recall targets respond

In her official response to the recall effort against her, Polanski wrote, "a very few disgruntled citizens...have conspired to subject our city to an expensive and unnecessary recall election. Why? Because they have a scheme, a power grab scheme, to take over your city council." Gomez wrote that, "this recall attempt is unfounded and politically motivated. The primary reason for the recall is my perceived support for medical marijuana establishments."[5]

Path to the ballot

Recall organizers submitted the 20 signatures per recall target necessary to initiate a recall drive. They had 120 days to gather 5,000 signatures, representing 20% of the voters who voted in the last election.[1]

In early May 2012, after the city council voted to affirm its ban on medical marijuana facilities, recall organizers dropped their recall campaign. In an official announcement, recall supporters wrote that they had accomplished their intent, which was to ensure that medical marijuana facilities were prohibited in the city.[2]

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