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Association of County Commissions of Alabama

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The Association of County Commissions of Alabama is a government sector lobbying associations in Alabama. It is the Alabama chapter of the National Association of Counties.

Taxpayer-funded lobbying

See also: Alabama government sector lobbying

The Association of County Commissions of Alabama has a registered lobbyist with the Alabama Ethics Commission.[1]

Lobbying priorities

The association's legislative priorities include:

  • County checklist: The ACCA wants counties to have a checklist of issues to consider in making decisions in regards to bond indebtedness or refinancing and to require acknowledgment that everything on the checklist has been reviewed, itemized, and explained to county commissions.[2]
  • Tax sales and redemption of property: The ACCA supports amending Alabama law to fix technical problems in the statute that addresses tax sales and redemption of property, particularly the interest paid at the time of redemption, and ensuring that any excess paid by the purchaser is properly distributed at the time of sale.[2]
  • Amending the "10-mil school test: The ACCA is committed to amending a constitutional provision passed in 2006 that requires every school to have a minimum 10 mils in ad valorem tax for public education that allows a county to retain the administrative costs paid on some taxes which were put into place prior to the amendment.[2]
  • Proper medical care for citizens: The ACCA is working to try and make sure that a convict held in a county jail for the violation of parole or probation, or a convict awaiting transfer to another prison facility, will receive proper medical care that shall be paid for by the prison.[2]
  • Fund for emergency response efforts: The ACCA is committed to the passage of a law to create a statewide fund for emergency response efforts in Alabama counties. The fund will provide funding for the cleanup of areas declared state and/or federal disaster zones.[2]
  • Sex offender reintegration: The ACCA wants to change Alabama’s sex offender notification statute so that adequate time and measures are given for an inmate to find a residence in an area that will reduce risk for "re-arrest." ACCA also supports amending the Statute that in the case of "re-arrest" the offender will be delivered and housed in the same prison they were housed after the first arrest.[2]
  • Highway toll, gasoline, and motor fuel tax disbursement: The ACCA wants to amend Alabama law to do the following: transfer the collection and enforcement of Alabama's highway tolls from the department of revenue to the department of transportation, to require the collection of motor fuel and gasoline taxed by those entities that refine and provide motor fuel and gasoline to wholesale distributors, and to make sure that the current system of distribution for these taxes remains in place. In the alternative, increase fines and reduce legal difficulties in prosecuting individuals for the sale of untaxed gasoline and motor fuel.[2]
  • Transportation funding for rural counties: The ACCA is committed to changing Alabama law to provide more funding for rural counties to address safety problems on their roads and bridges by authorizing a local gasoline and diesel fuel tax.[2]
  • Bridge rehabilitation: The ACCA wants funding to be provided to complete the Garvee Bond county bridge rehabilitation project.[2]
  • Gasoline and motor fuel tax reform: The ACCA wants to amend Alabama law so that the rate of gasoline and motor fuel fees link to a ratio between the amount of gasoline sold in Alabama and the cost of road construction. In the alternative, levy a percentage tax on gasoline purchases as an additional source of funding for road and bridge projects.[2]
  • Increasing Alabama diesel fuel tax: The ACCA is committed to amending Alabama’s diesel fuel tax to levy an additional tax set up exclusively for county road and bridge projects.[2]

Income and expenses

Association of County Commissions of Alabama
Year Total expenses Total income Membership dues
(included in "Total income")
2007[3] $1,200,638 $1,177,760 $462,229
2006[4] $1,132,248 $1,132,597 $459,702
2005[5] $1,026,930 $1,032,329 $437,807

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