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The Audit Committee is a standing committee of the Arizona Legislature.

Committees of the Arizona State Legislature are governed by the Arizona Revised Statutes. Committees may be chosen by each chamber's presiding officer or have specific members as outlined in the statutes.[1]

DocumentIcon.jpg See rules: Arizona Revised Statutes


This committee serves the following functions:[2]

  • oversee all audit functions of the Legislature and State agencies including sunset, performance, special and financial audits and the preparation and introduction of legislation resulting from audit report findings;
  • appoint an Auditor General subject to approval by a concurrent resolution of the Legislature and direct the Auditor General to perform all sunset, performance, special and financial audits and investigations;
  • have the power of legislative subpoena; and
  • require State agencies to comply with findings and directions of the Committee regarding sunset, performance, special and financial audits.


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Audit Senate Members, 2013
Democratic members (2)Republican members (4)
Steve GallardoChester Crandell, Chair
Katie HobbsJudy Burges
Rich Crandall
Andy Biggs, Ex officio
Audit House Members, 2013
Democratic members (2)Republican members (4)
Andrea DalessandroJohn Allen, Vice Chair
Martin QuezadaPaul Boyer
Kelly Townsend
Andy Tobin, Ex officio


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