Aurora Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Question (November 2010)

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An Aurora Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Question was on the November 2, 2010 ballot in the city of Aurora which is located in the counties of Adams, Arapahoe and Douglas.

Overall this measure was approved
Adams County:

  • YES 2,514 (46.63%)
  • NO 2,877 (53.37%)Defeatedd[1]

Arapahoe County:

  • YES 40,474 (52.03%)Approveda
  • NO 37,315(47.97%)[2]

Douglas County:

  • YES 48 (66.67%)Approveda
  • NO 24 (33.33%)[3]

This measure asked residents if they wanted to prohibit marijuana dispensaries from being built within the city limits. After the state of Colorado made marijuana legal in 2000, individual cities were allowed to make it so dispensaries could not be built in their city. Aurora enacted a law that did just that, the law expired in July of 2011 so if this measure was approved, dispensaries would likely not be built till after that date. In 2000, a majority of city voters approved marijuana legalization leading officials believe approval of dispensaries would also pass easily. Before the measure went to a vote the city planned to put in place regulation regarding dispensaries in order to be proactive.[4]

The city council was set to decide as early as June 14, 2010 if the issue would be put forward for a vote. This vote would not make the possession of pot illegal, just the building of dispensaries within the city or the selling of any marijuana.[5] One July 26, the City Council agreed to officially put the issue on the November ballot.[6]

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