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Bailey Ludlam/2011 review

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Bailey Ludlam
Ballotpedia Associate Editor

Bailey Ludlam


Ballotpedia is hosted by the Lucy Burns Institute which also hosts Judgepedia to collect information on our judiciary.

Ballotpedia initially started with a focus on statewide ballot questions and initiative & referendum laws but over the last couple of years has grown to include numerous topics...

Election night:

  • November elections are certainly the peak in politics but there's a lot that happens in between...

On November 8...

  • State executives: 18 state executive offices were decided on Nov. 8, of which 10 incumbents won re-election.
    • Only 1 incumbent fell. Secretary of State Elaine Walker was defeated in the Kentucky primary.
    • No partisan changes in any of the offices.
  • State legislatures: On November 8, a total of ## legislative seats were up for grabs.
    • In the three races - Mississippi, New Jersey and Virginia - Democrats lost 19 seats, while Republicans gained 18.
    • 3 races remain undecided.
    • Competitiveness - of the four total states with regularly scheduled legislative elections in 2011...
      • 50% of 434 incumbents saw no opposition
      • in 2010 26% saw no opposition
  • Special legislative elections: 2011 had an estimated 91 special elections in 22 states
    • Pre-election partisan breakdown: 48 Democratic Party, 42 Republican Party, 1 Independent
    • Partisan breakdown post-election: Currently +4 Democratic Party (formerly held by Republicans), +6 Republican Party (5 formerly Democrats), 1 Independent, +1 Independent (formerly Democrat)
  • Ballot measures: 27 ballot questions appeared on Nov. 8 ballots
    • 67% of ballot measures were approved, compared to 64% in 2010 and 81% in 2009
    • Notable results:
      • Mississippi's Initiative 26 - defeated by 58%
      • Ohio's Issue 2 - SB 5 was repealed by 61%
      • Texas, in the latest decade 76 out of 78 Texas ballot measures have passed. 3 of 10 were defeated on Nov. 8.
  • Recalls: Two recall efforts targeted state legislators.
    • Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce (R) was recalled; making him the first state legislator in Arizona history to be recalled.
    • Michigan Rep. Paul Scott (R) conceded defeat; making him the first Michigan state legislator to be recalled since 1983.
      • Replacement is a Republican.

2012 Elections

The elections

  • Primary election dates
  • Redistricting remains pending lawsuits
  • Ballot measures may appear on primary ballots, like North Carolina.
    • California recently changed their law - measures may only appear on general election ballots.

In the queue for 2012

  • 11 states will hold state executive elections.
  • 86 of the 99 chambers will hold state legislative elections on November 6, 2012
  • 56 ballot measures are certified for 2012. 184 were certified for 2010. At the current pace of certifications, 2012 may surpass 2010.

and for Ballotpedia, a new area of election coverage - Congress.