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Ballot Quiz, April 18 (2011)

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1. West Virginia lawmakers recently sent a measure to the 2012 ballot dealing with terms limits for what position?

Incorrect, but check out this California initiative dealing with term limits for state legislators.
County Sheriffs
The West Virginia Sheriff Term Limit Amendment was approved for the 2012 ballot.
Public Access Counselors
Nope. Here is a list of, courtesy of Sunshine Review.
City managers
Wrong! The city of Lynwood, Washington, though, is considering a change to their government that would implement a city manager system.

2. At least two states have proposed similar measures to reduce the number of legislators in their states. Which two?

California and Louisiana
See California Legislature and Louisiana Legislature
Florida and Maine
See Maine Legislature and Florida Legislature
North Carolina and New Jersey
See North Carolina Legislature and New Jersey Legislature
Missouri and Maine
Right! One measure deals with the Missouri House of Representatives and one deals with the whole Maine Legislature.

3. This is a map of current _________ by party affiliations.
2011 SOS Partisan map 4.png

Here is a list of current governors by state
Lieutenant Governors
Sorry, but did you know that Lieutenant Governors are elected, rather than appointed, in 43 states?
Secretaries of State
Correct! 47 states have the office of Secretary of State
The position of treasurer was under debate in this Nebraska 2010 ballot question

4. When was the last time a state senator was subject to a recall election?

Andy Dillon, Michigan, 2008
This recall vote took place months after the correct answer, but it involved a state representative, NOT a state senator.
Jeff Denham, California, 2008.
Correct! The recall effort was defeated.
Gary George, Wisconsin, 2003
George ended up being recalled from office.
None of the above
Try again! Here is Ballotpedia's state legislative recall page

5. True or False: Missouri's local earnings tax questions on the April 5 ballot in both St. Louis and Jefferson City were approved.

See below.
The vote took place in St. Louis and Kansas City. But, yes both were approved.


was the country mentioned in last week's quiz which is considering instant-runoff voting.

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