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Think you know exactly what happened this year in the ballot measure world? Half of 2011 is gone, but it surely isn't forgotten. The quiz below isn't like any of the other previous quizzes on Ballotpedia. This week, we give you The Midterm. In this quiz, we will test your knowledge on events that happened so far this year with ONLY 2011 statewide questions. No peeking at the website! Good luck and we hope you studied hard!

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1. BALLOT MEASURE NEWS: Residents in New Jersey will decide on a 2011 amendment dealing with _____ after the state legislature sent the measure to the ballot on _______.

Sports betting, Dec. 13, 2010
Correct! Read more about this amendment here.
Sports betting, Jan. 15, 2011
Right subject, wrong date!
Open space, Apr. 4, 2011
Nope. This was the subject of a New Jersey 2009 ballot measure. The date coincides with a poll that was taken on the measure.
Open space, Nov. 8, 2011
Incorrect! Wrong subject, wrong date. This date is the actual election day.

2. BALLOT MEASURE NEWS: Mississippi voters will see three measures on the ballot this year. How many of those measures are facing lawsuits?

Wrong! Read more about Mississippi 2011 ballot measures.
Correct! You can read more about this on the 2011 lawsuit page.
The only measure that is not under litigation is the voter identification question.

3. BALLOT MEASURE LAW: Two citizen initiatives made the ballot in Maine. How many were originally proposed and filed with the Maine Secretary of State's office?

This is Colorado's number.
This is Washington's total.
Mississippi saw this many, however.
Correct! These were the measures that did not make the ballot.

4. WEEKLY MAP QUESTION: In which state could residents possibly see a 2011 veto referendum dealing with collective bargaining for public employees?
Quiz referendum.png (States are numbered from 1 to 4, from left to right)

1 and 4
Wrong! Idaho may see a veto referendum on the ballot in 2012, however.
4 only
Incorrect! Maryland, however, is a state in which residents can propose veto referendums.
3 and 2
Incorrect! Colorado is not the correct answer.
3 only
Ohio is the correct answer.

5. STATE LAWS: Between the dates of May 24 and May 31 which states sent measures to the 2011 ballot?

Texas and Maine
Maine is included in the 2011 ballot measure count, though.
Texas and Washington
Washington does not have any measures on the 2011 ballot.
Texas and Mississippi
Incorrect, although Mississippi does have measures on the 2011 ballot.
None of the above.
Correct! Texas is the only state to send measures to the ballot during this week.


Since 1970 odd-numbered years have had an average of ballot questions.

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