Ballot Quiz, May 21 (2012)

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1. A 2012 statewide measure was removed from the ballot in what state?

This is correct!.


2. Arkansas will hold its primary election on May 22, 2012.

Read more about this on Ballotpedia's Arkansas election preview.
See above.

3. Neil Abercrombie was born in Buffalo, New York, attended Union College in Schenectady, New York, and is a former U.S. Representative. What state is he the governor of?

New Jersey
Chris Christie is the governor of this state.
The man who is the head of this state is Sam Brownback
New York
Andrew Cuomo took over the position from David Paterson
Correct! Abercrombie first participated in a political campaign in 1970.

4. Alaska voters see a constitutional convention question every ___ years, Michigan every ____ years, and ____ every 20 years.

10, 16, Montana
This is correct! You can find out more about these automatic ballot referrals here
10, 15, New York
New York is indeed 20 years, but Michigan is every 16 years.
15, 20, New Hampshire
New Hampshire is every 10 years.
16, 10, Rhode Island
Incorrect! Rhode Island approved a constitutional convention question in 1984

5. Only one state constitution specifically says what to do should a delegate to a constitutional convention die while the convention is still ongoing. What state is that?

Rhode Island
Sorry! Read more about Rhode Island's con-con process.
New York
Yes! Read more.
Incorrect! Alaska's voters get to decide on whether or not to hold a convention every 10 years.
Maryland is every 20 years.


The next state primary will be held in

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