Ballot Quiz, May 9 (2011)

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1. CURRENT BALLOT MEASURE NEWS: Which state is looking to revamp their state Supreme Court via a constitutional amendment that is already certified for the ballot?

Wrong. This measure has not made it onto the ballot.
This isn't 1995!
No, but an appellate court amendment was on the 2010 ballot.
Correct! This measure proposes that three justices be added to the seven-member court. Additionally, two divisions - civil and criminal - would be created within the high court with five justices each.

2. CURRENT BALLOT MEASURE NEWS:Minnesota is looking to repeal a 2008 tax increase. What kind of tax are they referring to specifically?

Property tax
Property taxes aren't missing from the 2012 ballot, though.
Sales tax
Correct! This measure may appear as a legislative referral.
Cigarette tax
Wrong. But this is the subject of one of the first measures to be voted on in 2012.
Gas tax
Arkansans will decide on a ballot measure dealing with this.

3. GOVERNORS:Neil Abercrombie was born in Buffalo, New York, attended Union College in Schenectady, New York, and is a former U.S. Representative. What state is he the governor of?

New Jersey
Chris Christie is the governor of this state.
The man who is the head of this state is Sam Brownback
New York
Andrew Cuomo took over the position from David Paterson
Correct! Abercrombie first participated in a political campaign in 1970.

4. WEEKLY MAP QUESTION: The following map shows how attorneys general are appointed by state. How does the green state's attorney general obtain his or her postition?
AG elected map quiz.png

Elected by the people
Those are the purple states.
Appointed by the Supreme Court
Correct! See the Tennessee Supreme Court and Tennessee Attorney General.
Appointed by the state legislature
Those are the dark blue states, like Maine
None of the above

5. STATE CONSTITUTIONS: Which state's constitution has by far the longest preamble? HINT! It begins: "Whereas, The people of the territory of the United States south of the river Ohio..."

West Virginia
South of the Ohio River, but wrong! See also: West Virginia Constitution.
Same as above. See also: Kentucky Constitution.
Correct! A little fact: The third, and current, document was largely written as a response to the requirement that all of the readmitted ex-Confederate States adopt new constitutions explicitly banning slavery.
Ohio is north of the Ohio River. Sorry! See also: Ohio Constitution.


Don't look at a calendar. We just want the number alone: When most voters go to the polls this November, the date will be November , 2011.

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