Ballot Quiz, October 31 (2011)

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1. Costco Wholesale recently became the largest single donor to a ballot measure campaign in the state of Washington. What measure was this?

Washington Liquor State Licensing, Initiative 1183 (2011)
Yes! Read more about 2011 pre-election ballot measure contributions.
Washington Transportation, Initiative 1125 (2011)
Washington Voter Residency Requirement Amendment, SJR 8205 (2011)
Nope! Read more about this year's Washington ballot measures.
Washington Long-Term Care, Initiative 1163 (2011)
Read about this measure here

2. Maryland’s new congressional districts will soon see a court challenge in what could be the first of a number of suits against the Governor's approved plan.

Correct! Read more about this on Ballotpedia's Redistricting Roundup

3. On October 27, a Florida circuit court heard arguments for the removal of Amendment 7. The lawsuit was filed by the Florida Education Coalition.

The lawsuit was filed by the Florida Education Association

4. Wyoming is the only state in the union to not have which one of these positions? (Note: All the wrong answers are positions in all 50 states)

Natural Resources Commissioner
Correct! Their general role is maintaining, protecting, and regulating natural resources, including state parks, forests and recreation areas.
Insurance Commissioner
Nope! A Insurance Commissioner's general role is as a consumer protection advocate and insurance regulator.
Public Services Commissioner
A Public Services Commissioner's general role is regulation of essential utility services such as energy, telecommunications, and water.
Labor Commissioner
A Labor Commissioner is a gubernatorial appointment in 46 states. Only in Georgia, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Oregon is the position elected.

5. Which 7 states had questions on the ballot in 2009?

Maine, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Texas, Washington, California
This is the correct answer. 81% of measures on the ballot were approved that year.
Alabama, Alaska, Louisiana, Maine, New Jersey, Oregon, Texas
Incorrect. These were seven out of the nine states who saw ballot measures on the 2007 ballot.
Colorado, Maine, Mississippi, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania
In 2001, these states had measures on the ballot.
Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Delaware
Delaware? Check this out.


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