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Ballot Quiz, September 26 (2011)

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Questions in this week's quiz feature ballot measure updates, state executive election news, state legislative news and law facts. Any suggestions about what the ballot quiz can improve on? If so, send a message to Good luck!

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1. CURRENT STATE BALLOT NEWS: In which state was a medical marijuana initiative effort for the 2012 ballot rejected for the second time this year?

Wrong! However, there are at least two initiatives proposed for 2012. Of them only one - regulate marijuana like wine initiative - is cleared for circulation. The deadline is December 19, 2011.
Wrong! However, Nebraska does have a proposed marijuana initiative in circulation for the 2012 ballot. Supporters have until July 6, 2012 to submit signatures.
Correct! Although supporters met the initial signature requirement, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine explained that supporters failed to properly summarize the ballot language. Read all about it here.
Wrong! Delaware does not have the initiative and referendum process. Only legislatively-referred state statute may appear on the ballot.

2. STATE EXECUTIVE OFFICES: How many Kentucky state executive offices are up for election in 2011?

Correct! See what's on the Bluegrass State's ballot here.
Sorry. This is incorrect. In other news, though, check out the Louisiana 2011 state executive elections page.
Wrong! Check out what's on the ballot concerning 2011 state executive offices.
Wrong! Here is a map and other information on 2011 SEO elections.

3. STATE LEGISLATURES: Which state has a unicameral state legislature?

Incorrect! See Texas Legislature
Correct! Unicameral means "only one chamber"
Nope! See Washington Legislature
Sorry. See Alaska Legislature.

4. BALLOT MEASURE LAWS: By statute, proposed constitutional amendments in Minnesota are printed on a ____ ballot.

The Minnesota Vikings' primary color is purple.
Color associated with the University of Minnesota Gophers.
This is correct!
The Minnesota Timberwolves don this color.

5. RECALL LAWS: In what state and year was the first state legislator recalled?

California, 1914
Incorrect! But Edwin Grant was in fact recalled after three attempts to collect enough signatures to place the recall on the ballot.
Wisconsin, 1932
Wrong. But this was the year Wisconsin lawmaker Otto Mueller survived a recall effort
California, 1913
This is the correct answer. Marshall Black was recalled after a conviction of embezzlement.
Wisconsin, 1930
Try again! A chance to beef up your recall knowledge: here is a list of recall efforts by year.


The 2011 Briefing Tour of the American West, a look at direct democracy in the American West, focuses on three states: California, and Oregon.

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