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October 29, 2012

By Jennifer Springer

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Dover, Delaware: Three state executive positions are up for election this year in the state of Delaware.

Voters will make their choice for the following positions on November 6:

All three incumbents - Governor Jack Markell (D), Lieutenant Governor Matthew Denn (D), and Insurance Commissioner Karen Weldin Stewart - are seeking re-election.

Delaware law calls for Governor and Lieutenant Governor to be elected separately, which means the office could be held by members of different parties.[1] The last time that happened in Delaware was 1984, when Democrat S.B. Woo served as Lt. Gov. under Republican Gov. Mike Castle.[1]

 Candidates for governor 

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Democratic Party Jack Markell:Markell is the incumbent, first elected in 2008.
Republican Party Jeff Cragg: Cragg previously was a candidate for the Delaware House of Representatives District 11 in 2000.
Libertarian Party Jesse McVay
Green Party Mark Joseph Perri
Independent David Graham (Write-in)

Democratic incumbent Jack Markell is expected to successfully defend his seat.[2] Of the 11 states with gubernatorial elections in 2012, three are expected to elect a Democratic governor.[3] Delaware is one of these three states, along with Missouri and Vermont.[3]
Race ratings from The Cook Political Report[4], Governing Politics[5], and Larry J. Sabato's Crystal Ball[6] list the race as solidly Democratic, leaning Democratic, and safe Democratic.
Roughly $1 million, or about 52 percent of the $1.9 million raised for Markell's campaign since January 2011, has come from outside the state.[7] According to his campaign reports, in 2011 and 2012 about $964,500, or less than half of the money raised by Markell’s campaign, came from Delaware contributors, including $75,000 from the state'sDemocratic Party.[7]
More than 18 percent, or $368,300 – came from more than 560 donors in Pennsylvania, with nearly $112,000 coming from Maryland and $257,750, roughly 13 percent, from donors in New York and New Jersey.[7]Markell's campaign finance reports also show money for his campaign coming from Alabama, Maine, Colorado, Montana, and one donor from Japan.[7]Cragg raised $60,000 in the course of his campaign, which includes $26,250 from himself.[7]
Markell’s fundraising for this campaign differs from his 2008 race, when reportedly 60 percent of the more than $4 million he raised came from businesses and individual donors in Delaware.[7]
 Candidates for lieutenant governor 

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Democratic Party Matthew Denn:Denn is the incumbent, first elected in 2008.
Republican Party Sher Valenzuela
Libertarian Party Margie Waite-McKeown

Incumbent Matthew Denn(D) is in his first term and is not prevented by term limits from seeking a second term in office. Along with his gubernatorial running mate, Denn is expected to be "headed for a comfortable re-election."[8]
Denn's opponent, Republican challenger and small business owner Sher Valenzuela made a political splash as a relative political newcomer. The lieutenant governor race is getting more attention than usual this election year after Valenzuela was invited to speak at the Republican Convention in Tampa.[1]Her convention appearance has boosted her name recognition in the state and beyond.[1]
When asked about the possibility of a split-ticket administration, Valenzuela said she's ready to work in a split administration. “We've got 24 years of one party rule, and 24 years of one party rule, whatever the party is, does not lead to the outcome that is best for the citizens.”[1]
For Denn, the possibility of working in a split administration is not even on the radar. “I have contemplated many things in my life, but me winning and Jack losing is not something I've spent a lot of time thinking about.”[1]
 Candidates for Insurance Commissioner 
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Democratic Party Karen Weldin Stewart Incumbent
Republican Party Benjamin Mobley
Libertarian Party David R. Eisenhour Withdrew

Stewart faced significant opposition from three challengers in the Democratic primary. Having defeated all three, including Mitch Crane who received significant support and endorsements in the primary, Stewart is expected to win re-election by a wide margin.[9] Stewart beat out Crane for the nomination by less than 1,000 votes.[10]

On October 24, 2012 Libertarian candidate David R. Eisenhour suspended his campaign, announcing instead that he will run for clerk of the peace in Sussex County.[11] Eisenhour urged his supporters to vote for his Republican challenger Benjamin Mobley, stating that when he announced his intention to run, only Democratic candidates had announced their candidacy and he decided to run in an effort to give voters another choice.[11]

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