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November 1, 2012

By Ballotpedia's Congressional team

New Mexico’s Congressional Elections in 2012
U.S. Senate Election? U.S. House seats Possible competitive races?
Yes 3 0

SANTA FE: New Mexico: There are 3 U.S. House seats and 1 U.S. Senate seat on the ballot in New Mexico in 2012. Heading into the general election on November 6, 2012, 100% of the congressional races are contested, meaning there are at least two candidates running in each of the two races. Both incumbents are running for re-election to the House.

In New Mexico, all polls will be open from 7 AM to 7 PM, Mountain Time on Election Day.[1]

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U.S. Senate

Incumbent U.S. Senator Jeff Bingaman (D) is not running for re-election in 2012. Current U.S. House Representative for District 1 Martin Heinrich is running as the Democratic candidate. He faces Republican Heather Wilson and Independent Jon Ross Barrie on November 6, 2012.[2] The race is considered competitive and is listed as Leaning Democrat according to a Cook Political Report Race Rating from October 4, 2012.[3]

State General Election Candidates Incumbent 2012 Winner Partisan Switch?
New Mexico Class 1 Senate seat Democratic Party Martin Heinrich
Republican Party Heather Wilson
Independent Jon Ross Barrie
Jeff Bingaman Pending Pending

U.S. House

Heading into the November 6 election, the Democratic Party holds two of three seats in New Mexico. Of the six possible major party primaries (2 parties, 3 seats), two (33%) were contested, well below the national average. Here are some highlights from the primary on June 5:

Here is a complete list of U.S. House candidates appearing on the general election ballot in New Mexico:

District General Election Candidates Incumbent 2012 Winner Partisan Switch?
1st Democratic Party Michelle Lujan Grisham
Republican Party Janice Arnold-Jones
Martin Heinrich Pending Pending
2nd Democratic Party Evelyn Madrid Erhard
Republican Party Steve Pearce
Steve Pearce Pending Pending
3rd Democratic Party Ben Ray Lujan
Republican Party Jeff Byrd
Ben Ray Lujan Pending Pending
Members of the U.S. House from New Mexico -- Partisan Breakdown
Party As of November 2012 After the 2012 Election
     Democratic Party 2 2
     Republican Party 1 1
Total 3 3
 Congressional Redistricting Map, approved December 2011 

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