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September 14, 2010

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By Bailey Ludlam

It's the final day of multi-state primaries in 7 states and Washington, D.C. Hawaii closes the primary season on Friday. Another reminder that the November 2010 general elections are just around the corner. With only a month and half to go Ballotpedia's Tuesday Count is reporting 174 certified ballot questions in 36 states. Of the certified questions, 150 will appear on November 2 ballots.

As of this week, all petition drive deadlines have come to an end. The last deadline, in Oklahoma, concluded with no filed initiatives. Despite no initiatives being filed, one citizen initiative did qualify in the state well before the deadline and has been certified for the ballot as Oklahoma State Question 744.

In North Dakota the conclusion of a lawsuit on the proposed North Dakota Pharmacy Ownership Repeal cleared the way for officials to finalize the General Election ballot. A total of two measures will appear appear before voters this year.

In preparation for the November vote, most court cases are coming to a close but some remain pending. In Florida, Amendment 8 was cleared for the ballot following ballot language challenges by the state's teachers union. On September 10 Leon County Circuit Court Chief Judge Charles Francis upheld the measure after citing that the measure was neither misleading or ambiguous. However, this may not be the conclusion of the case. Following the September ruling, the Florida Education Association announced that they are planning to appeal the case.

The Florida case marks the fourth post-certification challenge in the state. But Florida isn't the only state where measures are being challenged. In Oklahoma, certified Question 746 will be the center of discussion later this week. On September 17 a Tulsa County District court is expected to hear arguments from opponents who argue that the measure is unconstitutional and should be removed from the ballot.

Also this week, Cole County Circuit Judge Jon Beetem is scheduled to hear arguments in nearby Missouri regarding the proposed Missouri Earnings Tax Initiative. The measure has been certified for the ballot and is scheduled to appear as Proposition A. Challengers argue that the proposed measure is unconstitutional and are asking the court to remove the measure. The challenge was raised by Kansas City officials.

Stay tuned for updates as lawsuits conclude and ballots are finalized!


SPOTLIGHT: Camera issue gets the green-light

NOTE: Starting this week, we'll highlight at least one measure in our weekly "spotlight." So stay tuned for interesting measures that you may not have heard about.

Living in the state of Washington? The Mukilteo City Red Light Camera Measure is making some waves. The local measure is scheduled to appear on the city's November 2, 2010 ballot. The measure is sponsored by state activist Tim Eyman. This measure calls for requiring a public vote before the city can give the go-ahead for red light or speed camera installation. The measure would also restrict the fines to $20. Prior to Eyman's initiative efforts, the city announced they were no longer planning to install the cameras. Following the collection of thousands of signatures, the city agreed to refer the issue to the ballot. A challenge was raised in an effort to remove the proposal but state court's dismissed the lawsuit. On September 11 the Washington Supreme Court said they would not remove the measure from the ballot but agreed to hear the case about the validity of the proposal following the November vote.

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At least seven different counties in Wisconsin are casting their ballots today on budget and tax issues. Stay tuned for election results!! Read up on the issues here.

The chart below highlights the number of measures currently certified for the 2010 ballot and the way in which they were placed on the ballot - either by legislative referral or by citizen initiative.
NOTE: Measures referred to the ballot include referred statutes, amendments, referred advisories and automatic measures. Measures petitioned to the ballot include initiated amendments, state statutes and veto referenda.

Type of ballot measure How many on 2010 ballot? Percent of total
Measures referred to the ballot 124 71.26%
Measures petitioned to the ballot 50 28.74%
Total 174 100%

To view ballot measure changes as they happen make sure to check our Official Tuesday Count and our discussion page for retroactive changes.

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