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November 9, 2010

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By Bailey Ludlam

The 2010 elections have concluded! A total of 184 ballot questions made appearances on ballots throughout the year in 38 states with an estimated 65% approved. As 2010 is wrapped up, stay tuned for Ballotpedia's bi-weekly Tuesday Count reports as we begin to delve into 2011.

Already three measures have been certified for the odd-year election cycle. All three measures will appear on the ballot in the state of Mississippi. Unlike 2010, 2011 is already seeing a larger focus on social issues. The three certified measures cover voter identification, abortion and eminent domain. Other proposed measures cover topics including gambling, marijuana, immigration and health care.

But we can't close the book on 2010 just yet. Following the November 2 elections, we noted that an estimated 11 measures remained pending and were too close to call. Results are continuing to pour in and can be found here for any changes and updates.

Official vote counts, however, aren't the only loose end for 2010. Hours following the November 2nd election, measure opponents began filing lawsuits. Currently Ballotpedia has tracked a total of 7 proposed and filed legal challenges against measures that appeared on the Fall ballot.

Currently proposed and filed lawsuits are:

Stay tuned for continued coverage on lawsuits, total campaign contributions and other final analysis articles in the upcoming weeks.


SPOTLIGHT: Enough about the states, what happened locally?
All year, we've been giving you weekly updates on statewide measures and highlighting some very interesting local measures on marijuana, school bonds, tax levies, and even extraterrestrials. And we're not stopping there. All this month, we'll be updating and posting results for local measures in a number of counties, cities and towns across the United States. Unfortunately, do to the limitations of access to the ballot guides and results, we're focusing on providing you in-depth results in the following states:

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