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Ballotpedia's Tuesday Count up by one to 146 certified measures

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July 6, 2010

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By Bailey Ludlam

There are only five months until 2010 general elections. According to Ballotpedia's Tuesday Count a total of 146 ballot measures have been certified for ballots in 35 states. However, already we are noting that 2010 may prove to be a relatively slim ballot compared to prior years. Historical data shows an average of 210 ballot questions on statewide ballots in the even-numbered years from 1990-2008.

In North Carolina, lawmakers sent a proposed constitutional amendment to the ballot following a unanimous vote by the North Carolina House of Representatives. The Senate voted 46-1 in favor of the measure in June. The proposal, if approved by voters, would alter the state constitution to prohibit convicted felons from running for sheriff in the state.

This week, however, state officials not only added measures to the ballot but also removed them. Arizona Save Our Secret Ballot Amendment, also known as Proposition 108, was struck from the ballot by a Maricopa County judge on June 30, 2010. According to the judge's ruling, the measure violated Arizona's single subject rule; public votes and union votes were not "sufficiently or logically related to one another." The judge also stated that the Arizona Constitution already required secret ballot for public elections.

As of July 6, petition drive deadlines for citizen-initiated measures remain in only four states: Colorado, Massachusetts, North Dakota and Oklahoma. In the past week, deadlines in seven states have ended. Initiatives were filed in Arkansas (1), Oregon (6) and Washington (6).

In Massachusetts four initiatives filed signatures with local clerks. However, tomorrow marks the deadline for verified signatures to be submitted to state officials.

TOMORROW STAY TUNED (JULY 7): Ballotpedia's Al Ortiz will be reporting from the Massachusetts Secretary of State's office

The chart below highlights the number of measures currently certified for the 2010 ballot and the way in which they were placed on the ballot - either by legislative referral or by citizen initiative.
NOTE: Measures referred to the ballot include referred statutes, amendments, referred advisories and automatic measures. Measures petitioned to the ballot include initiated amendments, state statutes and veto referenda.

Type of ballot measure How many on 2010 ballot? Percent of total
Measures referred to the ballot 118 80.8%
Measures petitioned to the ballot 28 19.2%
Total 146 100%

To view ballot measure changes as they happen make sure to check our Official Tuesday Count and our discussion page for retroactive changes.

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