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To use this list please:

  • Inspect an article about a state or local ballot measure.
  • Review the article to see issue categories it has been placed in.
  • If the article is not in any issue categories, or if you suspect that it should be in more categories or wonder whether the categories it is in are correct, type {{addcat}} at the end of the article.

Remove an article from "addcat"

  • If you have inspected an article in and added issue category designations so that it is properly categorized according to the subject matter(s) addressed in the ballot measure, you can then remove {{addcat}} from the article.
  • Doing so will automatically remove it from this list.

Articles needing categorization, 2010

See also: 2010 ballot measures and Potential 2010 ballot measures

There are no articles needing categorization from 2010.

Articles needing categorization