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The Ballotpedia Law Project is a project on Ballotpedia to build and improve its articles about the laws that govern ballot measures. Since there are many different {{types of ballot measures}}, there are correspondingly many different sets of articles about these laws that we either do, or should, include on BP. These sets of articles include:

Next steps

1. Expand articles about local recall laws for New York, Oklahoma, Virginia.

2. Clean up {{Laws governing the initiative process}}, {{Laws governing ballot measures}}

3. Establish writing guidelines

4. Ballotpedia:WikiProject State Constitutions/2010

Writing guidelines


Portal:Ballot Measure Law

These templates are in use in this project (also see law templates):

Talk page template:

This template goes on the talk (discussion) page of articles in this project (that is, any articles that are related to laws).

Identifying badge:

Navigational templates:

Improvement templates:

User badge:

List of all signature requirement charts in one place:

Articles to improve

See also: Articles to improve

As the project develops, some pages may be rapidly created and may need to be revisited at a later point. For more on articles that are missing components or may need improvement, click here.

Desired articles

See also