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A portal on Ballotpedia is two things:

  1. A page that introduces the reader to a collection of similarly-themed content on Ballotpedia.
  2. All the articles and content on Ballotpedia that are thematically-related.

For example, Portal:Ballot Measure Law is both the front page of the law portal and is also the word used to describe the collection of law-related articles on Ballotpedia.

What distinguishes a portal from other pages

Most articles on Ballotpedia are either "content" pages in the main encyclopedia or else they are pages that talk in one way or another about how to edit pages, connect with other users, and so on.

A portal page, by contrast, groups both types of content onto one page. The main page of a portal, typically, will contain news items about the subject matter of the portal, links to featured and important content articles within the portal and will also contain information about how a writer and user of Ballotpedia can help add to that portal. This might include links to articles in the portal that need expansion and ideas for new articles.

The portal page may also have a project page associated with it that includes more information on how to build that section of the encyclopedia. A portal page will usually also have information on it about how to get involved with Ballotpedia's community of users and editors.

List of portals

Main page: Ballotpedia:Project Directory

Keeping track of portals

To keep track of portal pages on Ballotpedia, please add a category tag Category:Portals on any newly created portal pages.

Starting portals

Help:Portals has additional information on how to start a portal. If you have any questions about starting a new portal or any comments about Ballotpedia, please e-mail Ballotpedia's editor and assistant editor at

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