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A Ballotpedia project is a way to organize the development and growth of a particular theme or topic on Ballotpedia. It allows editors to keep track of progress, inspire others to help finish a particular topic area, and helps topics that are covered on Ballotpedia develop in richness, quality and informational value.

The purpose of this page is to explain how you can volunteer on a project.

You can also go right to Ballotpedia:Project Directory, check out the Monthly Collaboration Project or e-mail for further suggestions.

What kind of topics are suitable for expansion?

Examples would include:

How to volunteer on a project

  • Periodically review Ballotpedia:Project Directory for projects that need help.
  • Leave a note on your user page saying that you're willing to work on projects.
  • If you see a project you're interested in, leave a note on the user talk page of the editor who started it.
  • Let that person know which articles you're volunteering to work on.


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