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State Legislative Assignment Desk
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This page tells you how to write short news stories about state legislatures, state legislators, candidates for state legislature and state legislative elections.

Information about how to do this is scattered around in various other places. This article links to them, and provides some additional commentary.

Style guidelines

Your article should follow the style guidelines laid out for all news articles at Ballotpedia:WikiProject News.

Assignment Desk

Green check mark transparent.png The State Legislative Assignment Desk is located here.

Green check mark transparent.png Utilize the Assignment Desk by:

Green check mark transparent.png Adding URLs under the appropriate state of links to news and information you eventually intend to write a story about, or hope someone else will write a story about.
Green check mark transparent.png Writing news stories based on the links you find on the Assignment Desk. Once you have written a story based on URLs you found on the AD, remove those links from the AD.

Green check mark transparent.png If you intend to write state legislative news, you will want to quickly access the assignment desk. You can do that by placing the news badge on your user page. To do that, type:

<table style="float: right; margin-left: 1em; margin-bottom: 0.5em; width: 242px; border: #99B3FF solid 1px">
<tr><td>{{User WikiProject News}}</td></tr>

If you already have other user badges, just type this code in the midst of your other user badge codes:

<tr><td>{{User WikiProject News}}</td></tr>

Check here for further information about how to add a user badge to your user page.


You should use several news categories when you create a news article that relates to state legislative news.

You should always use:

If the news would be of interest outside the state, you can also use:

You can also add a category for a specific issue, if the story you are writing relates to one of these issues. Issue categories that already exist include:

If you find that you are writing about other issues often enough to create a specific issue category for that issue, go right ahead.

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