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Ballotpedia:State legislature project/Stage 2

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The second stage of the this project is to add information to the stubs. The following links should be added:
  • A link to the official biography of the politician at his or her state legislature's website.
  • Project Vote Smart biography
  • Follow the Money (If you link to the "Follow the Money" website, please call your link "Campaign contributions" rather than "Follow the Money." The phrase "Campaign contributions" is neutral and it is immediately clear what the reader will find if they click on the link whereas it is not entirely clear what might happen if you click on a link labeled "Follow the Money".
  • If you want to, instead of using a link to the "Follow the Money" website, you can insert a link or links to the politician's actual campaign finance report(s).


Here's an example of how things should look:

...with code like this...

*[ New Hampshire House of Representatives] 
*[ Project Vote Smart profile]
*Campaign contributions: [ 2006], [ 2008]

If the info in Follow the Money goes back farther than 2008, make your links look like this:

  • Campaign contributions: 2004, 2006, 2008

...with code like this...

* Campaign contributions: [ 2004], [ 2006], [ 2008]


As you finish a state, mark through it so we'll know you're done! Those with an asterisk * have been started.



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