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State Official Project, Stage 1: In this first stage, we're creating stub pages for all state officials.

Style notes

  • The primary page should be at "NAMEOFSTATE Governor", not "Governor of NAMEOFSTATE."Create a redirect page at the latter. If a page already exists with the latter, copy the page to the current nomenclature and add a redirect.
  • Titles of the offices should be capitalized in the title of the pages.
  • In the articles, unless you're talking about a specific person (e.g. Lieutenant Governor Joe the Plumber), the title of the office should be lowercase (e.g. lieutenant governor)

How to write

State executive officials
State legislatures

Our main sources of information for these positions will be the official websites of the officers, Project Vote Smart, Wikipedia, Follow the Money and other resources you locate. When Wikipedia or other resources have improper capitalization or information gaps in information, make sure to correct.

Things to include

  • {{Stategov}} template
  • Current officeholder
  • Contact information
  • See also (links to other BP pages, especially those for the officeholder)
  • External links (Follow the Money, Project Vote Smart)
  • References
  • The template for the position. Select one of the following:
{{Current governors}}
{{Current lieutenant governors}}
{{State attorneys general}}
{{Secretaries of state}}
  • Add to these categories: STATE, POSITION, State government articles. For example:
[[Category:State government articles]]
  • The WikiProject template to the discussion page


Let's get to work! Mark through the pages that you finish so we'll know when it's done.

Current Comptrollers/Controllers

Current Treasurers

Current Governors

Current Lieutenant Governors

Current Attorneys General

Current Secretaries of State

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