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State Official Project, Stage 4: Expand state official articles (i.e. add position description, role in state govt., term limits)

How to write

Please review the project page for style notes.

For this section you will want to add as much current and historical information about state official position as possible.

In the articles, unless you're talking about a specific person (e.g. Lieutenant Governor John Doe), the title of the office should be lowercase (e.g. lieutenant governor).

NOTE: Pages may already exist for officeholders, however, please review and update the pages before marking them as completed.

Things to include

Below are a list of details that might want to research and note in officials' articles. This is not an exhaustive list, you may not be able to find all of this information for all of the positions.

  • Duties/Responsibilities
  • Term of office
  • Election information (qualifications)
  • Divisions within the office and their roles
  • Role in the initiative process (when applicable)
  • Historical information
  • Salary details


  • state official websites
  • state constitution


Mark through the pages that you finish so we'll know when it's done. Bold articles that have been started or are currently in progress.

Current Governors

Current Lieutenant Governors

Current Attorneys General

Current Secretaries of State

Current Comptrollers/Controllers

Current Treasurers

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