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Ballotpedia:The BP Review
Vol. 1, Issue 14: 3/30/2010 From the Editor

From the editor

I want to acknowledge the work that Kyle Maichle and Johanna Herman are doing to illuminate the tough-to-navigate world of local ballot measures.

Kyle has just completed a six-month project to review the laws in all 50 states governing local school bond and tax votes. He is working this material into charts and indexes to help readers understand how laws compare across state lines.

It's tough for grassroots activists to qualify statewide measures for ballots in the 24 states that allow statewide direct democracy because of high signature requirements, and a complex tangle of laws that often require specialized and expensive legal help to navigate.

In states with local I&R, it's still possible for people who aren't backed by well-funded organizations and expert legal help to get measures on the ballot. In 2010, watching the local ballot measure scene might be more rewarding for direct democracy enthusiasts than watching the King Kong Fights T-Rex contests we'll see on the statewide level in many states.

Leslie Graves

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