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Volume 1, Issue 7: 9/29/2009 From the Editor

From the editor

For this issue of the Ballotpedia Review, I’d like to introduce myself as your guest editor, Alejandro (Al) Ortiz. I have been working as an assistant staff writer here at for approximately three months. As a result of our continuous work on statewide and local ballot measures, I’ve gathered a plethora of information regarding a part of our democracy that may be sometimes overlooked or unknown to the average citizen. If you would like, please take a minute to view my user page to become familiar with my background and to view the projects I’m currently working on.

The most rewarding aspect of writing about ballot measures, for me, is writing about a process where everyone’s voice is heard. One such story out there is the Buda land use change referendum. I grew up in Texas and would drive through the city of Buda frequently, thinking it was just a small southern dot on the map and not much else. However, writing about this referendum effort showed me that we as citizens do have a voice, no matter how small or big an issue may be. This is what allows me to gain more and more knowledge, interest and satisfaction when I write an article, press the “save” button and watch it appear on the screen.

Now, with the November 3, 2009 elections right around the corner, we hope our work here continues to reflect our dedicated efforts of providing you with accurate and useful information. Keep a close look for interviews and journal logs conducted by our very own writers as they travel to the scene of some of the most controversial statewide ballot measures and campaigns this year.

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