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This is a project page for a project on Ballotpedia about Alabama.

Ballot measures

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  • The Alabama Secretary of State Website only lists ballot measures until 2000. Update past ballot measures before 2000 and create appropriate pages. (i.e. Alabama 1995 ballot measures, Alabama 1980 ballot measures, etc.)

To-do list

  • Indicate which years you've finished here so others know here to start.
  • Make sure all Legislative articles are up to date.

Local ballot measures

Election results

See also: Ballotpedia:WikiProject Alabama#Election results

It is the responsibility of the Alabama Secretary of State to maintain election results. That information is collected here.

2011: 2011 election results, which include the special election for state house district 105


2009: Links to all 2009 election results, which include special elections in state senate districts 7, 19 and 22 and state house districts 6, 56 and 65.

1976-2000: Links to all 1976-2000 election results, including statewide elections, with detail breakdown by county.

Voter guides

See also: Ballotpedia:WikiProject Alabama#Voter guides
Voter Guides
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TitleSummary & Analysis
Fiscal note (impact statement)
Arguments pro and con
Features, compared by state
Publication requirements

The Alabama Secretary of State's Election Divison provides online voter information.

Official voter guides

Unofficial voter guides

Research links

Capital city newspaper

Project templates

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This page is part of WikiProject Alabama, a WikiProject dedicated to articles related to Alabama. Check out the project page or contribute to the project discussion.