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This page serves as a guide to writers on the Congress team about priorities and to-do- lists.

Every action taking on the Congress project should be tracked on the appropriate document. For access to the off-wiki documents, contact Geoff Pallay.

First steps

  1. Upload images of all 535 incumbents. The images are in the public domain and can most easily be found on Wikimedia Commons.
  2. Upload images of all 435 house districts, as they were drawn for the 2000-2010 decade. A procedure exists off-wiki for this process.
  3. Create basic profiles of all 535 incumbent members of Congress. Many of them will already have a page on the wiki, but it will be in a crude and improper format.

Building profiles

When building a profile, this is the order in which steps should be completed. It also reflects the order of sections.

  1. Infobox
  2. Intro
  3. Bio
  4. Career
  5. Committee assignments
  6. Issues
  7. Political positions
  8. Elections
  9. Personal
  10. External links
  11. References
  12. Succession box
  13. Categories

Next steps

Once the first steps above are completed, the next step will be to create profiles of committees. The full procedure and format for the pages are being worked out, but the list of committee pages to create are below. Once the committee page is created, the writer should immediately create a redirect following the established format under the writing guidelines.

Create profiles of congressional districts

There will be 435 pages of Congressional districts.

Create 535 election pages

There will be about 468 election pages for the 2012 races.

Create committee pages

House committees

There are 21 permanent committees in the U.S. House.

Research links

U.S. House Committees List of House Committees on Wikipedia

Senate committees

There are 20 permanent committees in the U.S. Senate.

Research links

Joint committees

There are 4 joint committees.

And then, the "super committee"

See also