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As part of Ballotpedia's local ballot measure coverage, each county in 11 states was evaluated on the availability, presentation and accessibility of its election pages.

Specifically, each county was evaluated in 7 different areas:

  • An election website
  • Current election information
  • Ballot text availability
  • Issues list
  • Updated results
  • Ballot measure archive
  • Ease of navigation

For more details look below for a breakdown of how each county was evaluated based on the 7 (above) areas.

E-mail Johanna Herman ( with any questions or concerns.

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The states

Each of the 11 states below are thoroughly tracked on Ballotpedia. This means that each local election that features a ballot measure is highlighted. Pages exist for every county, ballot measure and election.

Why does Ballotpedia only thoroughly track local ballot measures in 11 states? The 11 states were picked based on the availability of comprehensive online election information - voter guides and election results, for example. (County pages exist for all 50 states).

However, we're always looking for volunteers to expand our areas of coverage. Click here to find out how you can volunteer.

Ballotpedia's methodology

Each county was checked for the following:

  1. An election website: Does the county have a website that displays election information? (yes or no)
  2. Current election information: Does the county website reflect information about the most current election? (yes or no)
  3. Ballot text availability: Is the exact ballot measure text or question available on the county website? (yes or no)
  4. Issues list: Does the county provide a list of all of the measures that will appear on the ballot? (yes or no)
  5. Updated results: Does the county site post election results the day after the election, or within a few days of the most recent election? (yes or no)
  6. Ballot measure archive: Does the county website display past election results or information? (yes or no)
  7. Ease of navigation: How easy was the site to navigate and find election-related information? This particular criteria was evaluated on a scale of 1-5. (described in detail below)

"Ease of navigation" in detail:

The ease of navigating a particular county's election website was based on a scale from 1-5, "1" being the worst, but still having a election site, and "5" being the best. A "0" was assigned to those counties that did not have an election website.

  1. The bare minimum: Site only has basic voting information, no recent election information or election results.
  2. Fair but only slightly better: Site may have current information but it is hard to find, election information not found through links which other website's have posted, site also may have old election information which has not been updated, no results posted or archives.
  3. Good but could improve: Has current information but harder to navigate site or find information, takes more than 4 clicks through links to find information, may not update information as quickly or have sample ballots.
  4. Very good information: Current election information available as are current results, may be lacking archives.
  5. The perfect site: Aesthetically pleasing site, easy to find current election information, archived results, sample ballots and other pertinent election information.


See also: County election website evaluations

A summary of how each state in the study fared is available on the main "county election website evaluation" page. Every state also has their own page which features specifics about how each county ranked in the 7 areas evaluated.

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