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Ballot measures

Election results

See also: Ballotpedia election coverage

It is the responsibility of the Ohio Secretary of State to maintain election results. That information is collected here.

Voter guides

The Ohio Secretary of State provides online voter information. The ballot language of constitutional amendments, initiatives, and referendums, and the public information pertaining to them are handled by The Ballot Board, a five member board hosted and chaired by the Secretary of State.[1]

Official voter guides

Ohio -- Official voter guides
Official guide name Type of guide Language Available dates
Ohio Issues Report Ballot measures info English May 4, 2010

November 3, 2009 November 4, 2008, November 7, 2006, November 8, 2005, November 2, 2004, November 4, 2003, November 5, 2002, November 7, 2000
November 2, 1999, November 3, 1998,

May 5, 1998
Ballot Board Ballot measures info English 2012

2010, 2009, 2008,


Research links

Campaign finance information

See also: How to find campaign finance information about ballot measure campaigns

To obtain information:

  • Contact Campaign Finance Department using the contact page
  • Request list of all known major donors to statewide ballot issues, along with PAC registration number (website does not list donors, but Campaign Finance Office keeps them on file for reference)
  • Go to contributions search page and type in PAC registration number and begin and end date (the only required fields)


Research links

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