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Ballotpedia:WikiProject State Ballot Measures/Charts is a sub-project of Ballotpedia:WikiProject State Ballot Measures. The purpose of the "chart" subproject is to define guidelines for how to create charts of ballot measures.


The most common type of ballot measure chart are those used on both the "STATE YEAR ballot measures" pages (ex. Wisconsin 1929 ballot measures) and the "YEAR ballot measures" pages (ex. 1929 ballot measures).

These charts are stored in templates using a "stateyear" format, i.e: template:Wisconsin1929. (Note: No spaces should be used in these template names)

The templates currently need to be manually placed into all "STATE YEAR ballot measures" pages, but not the "YEAR ballot measures pages" (unless otherwise indicated by a Ballotpedia project director).

Here is an example of a STATE YEAR chart:
April 2

Type Title Subject Description Result
LRCA Question 1 Gov't Salaries Repeals amendment setting the salary of the legislature, allowing salaries to be set by law Approveda
LRCA Question 2 Term Limits Sets a two successive term limit for sheriffs Approveda
AQ Question 3 Alcohol Advises the legislature to repeal the Wisconsin prohibition enforcement act Approveda
AQ Question 4 Alcohol Advises the legislature to modify the Wisconsin prohibition act to allow for the production and sale of beer with less than 2.75% alcohol Approveda

Chart elements

There are five sections on this chart:

  • Type: The "type" should be one of the designated ballot measures types. (Please refer to Writing:Introductory section of a ballot measure article#Measure type templates for more information).
  • Title: For all measures that have appeared on the ballot, the title should be the official shorthand abbreviate title. (For example: Proposition 1, Measure 2, Amendment 3, etc.)
  • Subject: The subject should use the designated abbreviation list below. (#Subject abbreviation list)
  • Description: The description should be a short, one-line sentence written in everyday, clear prose. (Use the simple present tense, not past tense [-ed] or continuous tense [-ing]; Do not use legalese).
  • Result: The results should have one of three markings: {{ap}} (Approveda) for approved measures, {{d}} (Defeatedd) for defeated measures, and {{ap}}{{ot}} (ApprovedaOverturnedot) for measures that were approved but overturned by a court ruling.

Template page elements

Other items needed on the template page:

  • Date of Election: Above the chart, before the {{chart header}}, the date of the election should be placed in bold.
  • Example: If the date of the election is November 4th, '''November 4''' should appear at the top of the page.
  • Categories: STATE YEAR charts should include three categories: [[Category:STATE YEAR ballot measures]] [[Category:STATE ballot measure templates]] [[Category:Ballot measure templates for YEAR]].
  • Example: For the Wisconsin1929 template, the categories would be: [[Category:Wisconsin 1929 ballot measures]] [[Category:Wisconsin ballot measure templates]] [[Category:Ballot measure templates for 1929]]
In order to include categories on the template correctly, they should be placed inside of the <noinclude>...<noinclude/> tags.
  • Links: There are two links that should be included on the bottom of the template page: [[STATE YEAR ballot measures]] and [[YEAR ballot measures]].
  • Example: For the Wisconsin1929 template, the links would be: [[Wisconsin 1929 ballot measures]] and [[1929 ballot measures]]
Similar to the categories on the template page, these links must appear inside of the <noinclude>...<noinclude/> tags. For the category and links sections, the code will appear as follows:
<noinclude>[[STATE YEAR ballot measures]] • [[YEAR ballot measures]] [[Category:STATE YEAR ballot measures]] [[Category:STATE ballot measure templates]] [[Category:Ballot measure templates for YEAR]]</noinclude>

Discussion page

Templates needed on the Discussion page are as follows:

  1. {{wtemp}}
  2. {{sbm}}
Example: {{wi}}

Subject abbreviation list

See also: List of ballot measures by topic

The following list is the official abbreviations of the categories for state and year result templates. Note that some categories have more than one acceptable abbreviation. The most applicable abbreviation for the measure should be used in the state/year chart.

Topic Chart Abbreviation Wikicode
Abortion Abortion [[Abortion on the ballot|Abortion]]
Act of dueling Dueling [[Act of dueling on the ballot|Dueling]]
Administration of government Admin of Gov't [[Administration of government on the ballot|Admin of Gov't]]
Adult entertainment Adult [[Adult entertainment on the ballot|Adult]]
Affirmative action Affirm Action [[Affirmative action on the ballot|Affirm Action]]
Alcohol Alcohol [[Alcohol on the ballot|Alcohol]]
American Indians American Indians [[American Indian issues on the ballot|American Indians]]
Assisted death Assisted Death [[Assisted death on the ballot|Assisted Death]]
Athletics Athletics [[Athletics on the ballot|Athletics]]
Banking Banking [[Banking on the ballot|Banking]]
Bond issues Bonds [[Bond issues on the ballot|Bonds]]
Business regulation Business Reg [[Business regulation on the ballot|Business Reg]]
Census Census [[Census on the ballot|Census]]
Civil and criminal trials Trials [[Civil and criminal trials on the ballot|Trials]]
Civil and criminal trials Civil Trials [[Civil and criminal trials on the ballot|Trials]]
Civil and criminal trials Criminal Trials [[Civil and criminal trials on the ballot|Trials]]
Civil rights Civil Rights [[Civil rights on the ballot|Civil Rights]]
Civil service Civil Service [[Civil service on the ballot|Civil Service]]
Constitutional conventions Con Convention [[Constitutional conventions on the ballot|Con Convention]]
Constitutional language Con Language [[Constitutional language on the ballot|Con Language]]
County and municipal governance Local Gov't [[County and municipal governance on the ballot|Local Gov't]]
Death penalty Death Penalty [[Death penalty on the ballot|Death Penalty]]
Definition of a corporation Corporation [[Definition of a corporation on the ballot|Corporation]]
Direct democracy measures Direct Democracy [[Direct democracy measures on the ballot|Direct Democracy]]
Divorce and custody Divorce & Custody [[Divorce and custody on the ballot|Divorce & Custody]]
Domestic partnerships Domestic Partner [[Domestic partnerships on the ballot|Domestic Partner]]
Earthquakes Earthquakes [[Earthquakes on the ballot|Earthquakes]]
Economic development Development [[Economic development on the ballot|Development]]
Education Education [[Education on the ballot|Education]]
Elections and campaigns Elections [[Elections and campaigns on the ballot|Elections]]
Elections and campaigns Campaigns [[Elections and campaigns on the ballot|Campaigns]]
Eminent domain Eminent Domain [[Eminent domain on the ballot|Eminent Domain]]
Energy Energy [[Energy on the ballot|Energy]]
English language English [[English language on the ballot|English]]
Environment Environment [[Environment on the ballot|Environment]]
Fracking Fracking [[Fracking on the ballot|Fracking]]
Federal constitutional issues Federal Con [[Federal constitutional issues on the ballot|Federal Con]]
Firearms Firearms [[Firearms on the ballot|Firearms]]
Food and agriculture Food & Agri [[Food and agriculture on the ballot|Food & Agri]]
Food and agriculture Food [[Food and agriculture on the ballot|Food]]
Food and agriculture Agriculture [[Food and agriculture on the ballot|Agri]]
Forests and parks Forests & Parks [[Forests and parks on the ballot|Forests & Parks]]
Forests and parks Forests [[Forests and parks on the ballot|Forests]]
Forests and parks Parks [[Forests and parks on the ballot|Parks]]
Gambling Gambling [[Gambling on the ballot|Gambling]]
Government accountability Gov't Acc [[Government accountability on the ballot|Gov't Acc]]
Healthcare Healthcare [[Healthcare on the ballot|Healthcare]]
History, culture and the arts Culture [[History, culture and the arts on the ballot|Culture]]
Housing Housing [[Housing on the ballot|Housing]]
Hunting and fishing Hunt & Fish [[Hunting and fishing on the ballot|Hunt & Fish]]
Hunting and fishing Hunting [[Hunting and fishing on the ballot|Hunting]]
Hunting and fishing Fishing [[Hunting and fishing on the ballot|Fishing]]
Immigration Immigration [[Immigration on the ballot|Immigration]]
Insurance Insurance [[Insurance on the ballot|Insurance]]
Labor and unions Labor [[Labor and unions on the ballot|Labor]]
Law enforcement Law Enforcement [[Law enforcement on the ballot|Law Enforcement]]
LGBT issues LGBT [[LGBT issues on the ballot|LGBT]]
Lottery Lottery [[Lottery on the ballot|Lottery]]
Marijuana Marijuana [[Marijuana on the ballot|Marijuana]]
Marriage and family Marriage & Family [[Marriage and family on the ballot|Marriage & Family]]
Media Media [[Media on the ballot|Media]]
Minimum wage Min Wage [[Minimum wage on the ballot|Min Wage]]
Motto and symbols Motto & Symbols [[Motto and symbols on the ballot|Motto & Symbols]]
Motto and symbols Motto [[Motto and symbols on the ballot|Motto]]
Motto and symbols Symbols [[Motto and symbols on the ballot|Symbols]]
Natural resources Resources [[Natural resources on the ballot|Resources]]
Nuclear issues Nuclear [[Nuclear issues on the ballot|Nuclear]]
Obscenity Obscenity [[Obscenity on the ballot|Obscenity]]
Paycheck protection Paycheck [[Paycheck protection on the ballot|Paycheck]]
Pension Pension [[Pension on the ballot|Pension]]
Prisons Prisons [[Prisons on the ballot|Prisons]]
Property Property [[Property on the ballot|Property]]
Public Works Public Works [[Public works on the ballot|Public Works]]
Recall measures Recall [[Recall measures on the ballot|Recall]]
Redistricting measures Redistricting [[Redistricting measures on the ballot|Redistricting]]
Religion Religion [[Religion on the ballot|Religion]]
Rules about Sunday Sunday [[Rules about Sunday on the ballot|Sunday]]
Salaries of government officials Gov't Salaries [[Salaries of government officials on the ballot|Gov't Salaries]]
School choice School Choice [[School choice on the ballot|School Choice]]
Smoking bans Smoking Bans [[Smoking bans on the ballot|Smoking Bans]]
State and local government budgets, spending and finance Gov't Finances [[State and local government budgets, spending and finance on the ballot|Gov't Finances]]
State capitals Capitals [[State capitals on the ballot|Capitals]]
State executive official measures State Exec [[State executive official measures on the ballot|State Exec]]
Statehood Statehood [[Statehood on the ballot|Statehood]]
State judiciary Judiciary [[State judiciary on the ballot|Judiciary]]
State legislatures measures Legislature [[State legislatures measures on the ballot|Legislature]]
Stem cells Stem Cells [[Stem cells on the ballot|Stem Cells]]
Suffrage Suffrage [[Suffrage on the ballot|Suffrage]]
Supermajority requirements Supermajority [[Supermajority requirements on the ballot|Supermajority]]
Taxes Taxes [[Taxes on the ballot|Taxes]]
Term limits Term Limits [[Term limits on the ballot|Term Limits]]
Time standards Time [[Time standards on the ballot|Time]]
Tobacco Tobacco [[Tobacco on the ballot|Tobacco]]
Tort law Tort [[Tort law on the ballot|Tort]]
Transportation Transportation [[Transportation on the ballot|Transportation]]
Treatment of animals Animals [[Treatment of animals on the ballot|Animals]]
Utilities Utilities [[Utilities on the ballot|Utilities]]
Veterans Veterans [[Veterans on the ballot|Veterans]]
Wages and pay Wages & Pay [[Wages and pay on the ballot|Wages & Pay]]
War and peace War & Peace [[War and peace on the ballot|War & Peace]]
Water Water [[Water on the ballot|Water]]
Welfare Welfare [[Welfare on the ballot|Welfare]]

Other subprojects