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This page is a content-and-style guide about how to upload and categorize images for articles about state executives.


See also: Image use policy

To access the image upload form, click the "Tools" tab located on the horizontal toolbar at the top of any Ballotpedia page. A dropdown box will display a menu of wikilinks to related pages; select the one titled "Upload file." Note: You must be logged in to see this option.

  1. Once on the Upload file page, click the "Choose file" button and select the photo you wish to upload.
  2. Add the correct Image copyright tag.
  3. Click the Upload file button at the bottom of the page.
  4. Create a talk page for the image; talk pages for state executive images files must contain two templates: {{wso}} and {{wimages}}.

Notes on uploading images

  • Do not upload files without correct copyright permission -- click here for a list of types of permissions.
  • To upload a file, it must be saved to your computer. If you find an image online on another site, download it to your computer so you can upload it to Ballotpedia.
  • Make sure to name the file something descriptive. For candidates and officeholders, just use the person's name. For example, [[File:Byron_Mallott.jpg|Byron Mallott.jpg]].
  • For photos emailed by candidates, use "{{BP permission|link=email exchange with candidate}}"

Video demonstration of image upload process



The main State Executive Officials category is Category:State executive images. If you cannot remember the specific image category or a category does not exist for that particular image, add Category:State executive images.

State offices

For images that relate to state offices, such as photos of state officials add one of the following categories:


For an image of a candidate, you'll want to add:


  • [[Category:Images of candidates for STATE POSITION]]

In other words, for a:

For all others:

Campaign logos

For campaign logos or signs used by candidates and their campaigns, use Category:State executive official campaign logos.


Maps created for the SEO project, should be categorized under Category:State executive map images.

If the map is used in an image map template, then those templates would be categorized under Category:Image map templates, state executive officials


The following examples show how the code looks when you upload images of individuals and campaign logos:

Profile image example:

{{elected official image | Source = | Article =Byron Mallott }}

[[Category:Lieutenant Governor images]]

Note: For images of appointed officials and candidates images, replace "elected official" in the image tag with "appointed official" or "candidate" as needed.

Public domain image example:

{{pd | link = | Article = Billy Nungesser}} 
[[Category: Images of 2015 lieutenant governor candidates]]
[[Category: Images of candidates for Louisiana Lieutenant Governor]]

Campaign logo example:

{{logo fur | Source = | Article = Daniel Grossberg }} 

[[Category:State executive official campaign logos]]
[[Category: Images of candidates for Kentucky Treasurer]]

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