Battle between unions and business moves to local ballots in California

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June 26, 2010

Earlier in 2010, pundits thought that the November 2010 ballot in California was shaping up to be an epic battle between unions and business interests. However, most of the ballot propositions that would have brought out the big guns on both sides did not qualify for the ballot.

At the same time, several local ballot measures on the June 8, 2010 ballot such as Chula Vista Measure G and Oceanside Measure K suggest that the fight between unions and business is reaching its highest pitch of intensity on local ballots, especially in San Diego County.[1]

Measure G was approved by about 56% of Chula Vista voters on June 8. It says that unions can no longer require so-called "project labor agreements" on city-funded construction jobs.

Over 130,000 signatures were submitted to qualify the San Diego Competition and Transparency in City Contracting Initiative for the November ballot. This measure, too, is seen as a pushback against union dominance of city contracts and will be fiercely contested by local unions.[2]

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