Baytown Red Light Camera Referendum (2010)

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There was a Baytown Red Light Camera Referendum on the November 2, 2010 ballot in Harris County for voters in the city of Baytown.

An ordinance was approved to stop the use of red light cameras in the city.[1]

Residents submitted a petition with 1,342 signatures, only 620 are needed for it to be valid, in hopes of getting a vote on banning red light cameras in the city. Residents were upset with the city as they continue to set up cameras even though there is a petition to ban them. This petition had begun because of the unfair practices by the city in regards to their red light cameras. The city used unfair practices to get more tickets issues, such as shortening the yellow light time in intersections and lowering the speed limits on one side of a road. Petitioners are wary though, unsure the city will actually listen to the people and put this issue to vote.[2]