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Belknap County is one of ten counties in New Hampshire. The population is 60,088 as of 2010.[1]

Website evaluation

Elected Officials
Administrative Officials
Permits, zoning N
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Audits N
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Contracts N
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Lobbying N
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Public records N
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Local taxes N
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Transparency grading process

The good

  • The website has budget information available.[2]
  • The website has county commissioners' meeting agendas.[3]
  • The website has county commissioners' meeting minutes.[4]
  • The website has elected official information and some administrative officials' information.[5]

The bad

  • The website does not have information on building permits, zoning, audits, contracts, lobbying, public records, or taxes.


The recommended budget for 2011 is $32.3 million which is a 7% increase from 2010.[6]


Belknap County has received a total of $21.8 million from the economic stimulus package.[7]

Project Area Cost
Business/Community $46,000
Education $10,824,925
Energy/Environment $2,547,434
Health/Nutrition $115,000
Housing/Facilities $353,163
Military $41,825
Public Safety $518,205

Public Employees

Elected Officials

The following are the links to contacting elected representatives in Belknap:

Administrative Officials

The County has three part time elected officials that serve as County Commissioners.

Term Length

  • Four and two year terms
  • Staggered


  • County oversight
  • Department oversight
  • Budget

Administrator sites:


See also: New Hampshire state government salary

Some salary information is available inside the budget documents but only a few salaries are included individually.[8]

Position Gross Wages
County Attorney $89,164
Registrar of Deeds $68,415
Sheriff $74,304
Corrections Administrator $80,722
Hairdressing $27,715


See also: New Hampshire public pensions

Belknap County is a participant of the NH Retirement System; all full time employees are covered. Group I employees contribute 5% tax deferred and the County currently pays 9.16%. Group II employees contribute 9.3% tax deferred and the County currently pays 13.66%.[9]

Emergency personnel

The Sheriff's Department has a budget of $2.1 million the in the 2011 Recommended Budget.[10] The Sheriff makes an annual salary of $74,304.[11]


There is no lobbying information posted.

Transparency & public records

The web site has meeting minutes posted since 2008.[12]


The recommended budget for 2011 estimates revenue from county sources to be $18.1 million which is a 13% increase from 2010.[13]

County Commission & Administration

The three-member Board of Commissioners (as mandated by NH Statute RSA 28) are part-time elected officials responsible for overall supervision, custody and care of all county departments, buildings and land, and have budgetary oversight of all county expenditures. They are elected into staggered four and two-year terms by the voters of the districts each are assigned to. The annual county budget is prepared by the Commissioners and Departments Heads and submitted to the County Convention for final approval.

Right to Know

Contact Information:
34 County Drive
Laconia, NH 03246
Phone: 603-527-5400
Fax: 603-527-5409

Other info

Other information provided by the county includes:

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