Bibb County Local Option Sales Tax Increase (July 2010)

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There was a Bibb County Local Option Sales Tax Increase measure on the July 20 ballot in Bibb County.

This measure was defeated

  • YES 7,795 (40%)
  • NO 11,617 (60%) Defeatedd[1]

This local option sales tax was being proposed in order to help fund the building of a new county court house.[2] Commissioners for the county were adamant that this would pass, but were unsure how to proceed with garnering support for the measure by July. They were still estimating costs for the new court house and need to decide how much money they could have spent to ensure this vote passed. If this does not pass, the county then will have to resort to bonds which would end up costing more than the sales tax would have.[3]

Recent events had shed doubt on if the county could handle the potential money they could get in July. The county council bought a parcel of land for the construction of this new courthouse and in a lawsuit citizens tried to revoke that buying saying the people should of had a vote on the matter. A court though agreed with the county's decision, saying that they did not have to get voter approval to buy the land. The resident who was the force behind the lawsuit noted that she is unlikely to agree to the tax now, if their government wont agree to open practices why would she give them more money to mishandle.[4]

The mayor of Macon and city council members had also come out against the tax as well unless a new service delivery agreement is given by the county. The county stated that they did not feel that a agreement was needed to decide how the funds would be used, but city council members noted that with proposed projects it is not clear if the county or city government would control them so an agreement is vital to know who controls what. City officials also want the vote moved to November, but county officials said it would not move the election date.[5] The County has moved ahead with this measure and are forcing Macon to do so as well. Without both support, the measure would not be able to be implemented if approved. Unless city officials sign the agreement to be more of a partner in the tax service.[6]

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