Big day for New Mexico governor Susana Martinez

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August 27, 2012

New Mexico

By Maresa Strano


SANTA FE, New Mexico: Susana Martinez is no stranger to the spotlight. She spent 14 years serving as District Attorney for the Third Judicial District in Doña Ana County in Southern New Mexico before becoming the state's first female governor, and the nation's first Latina governor, in 2010.[1]

Today, the Republican leader found herself back in the headlines when a last minute schedule change bumped Martinez' spot in the lineup of speakers at the Republican National Convention from a fairly low-profile Tuesday night slot to Wednesday night's prime-time program. She will be sandwiched between former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice and GOP Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan, whose speech represents convention's grand finale and is certain to attract the widest audience of the event.[2]

Despite the fact that Tampa, the convention's host city, is expected to go mostly unaffected by the storm, predictions of Hurricane Isaac's weekend encroach upon Florida's gulf shores nevertheless forced event organizers to delay commencement by one day, until Tuesday, and consequently patch together a revised schedule to accommodate the many members of the party elite, such as Martinez, who were slated to speak on an earlier day.[3]

The upgrade appears to be a product of sheer luck for Martinez- a fluke opportunity which would likely be considered more auspicious if its benefactor were not a category 2 natural disaster with a biblical moniker.

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