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Bill Raggio recall, Nevada, 2010

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A recall election was considered against Nevada State Senate Minority Leader Bill Raggio (R). A notice of intent to recall was not filed but according to recall supporters a meeting took place on November 19, 2009, to discuss recall efforts. The effort was initiated after the Nevada State Legislature approved tax increases in 2009.[1]

In an email, The Committee to Recall Raggio said, "It is time to send a message to elected officials that they can no longer mislead voters before an election and ignore them after they get into office. That legislators answer to their constituents, as Sen. Raggio will soon learn."[2]

Response to recall

In response to the recall efforts, Sen. Raggio said he was not concerned. However, in response to upset residents and Republicans, Raggio said,"Nobody thought we'd have to raise taxes. I know what I did was right."[1]

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