Bill Sizemore and the Oregon Education Association

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Bill Sizemore and the Oregon Education Association have been in a pitched multi-year battle played out in the courts since 2000.[1]

In September 2002 a Multnomah County jury found Bill Sizemore's anti-tax organization used forgery and racketeering to pursue its aims. The jury awarded $2.5 million plus attorneys fees to the unions from two now-defunct organizations that Sizemore controlled. Another judge in that case issued an injunction restricting Sizemore's use of tax-exempt organizations to advance his political activities.[2]

On Monday December 01, 2008 Bill Sizemore was handcuffed and jailed after Multnomah County Circuit Judge Janice R. Wilson found him in contempt of court for a fourth time in his long-running legal battle with two Oregon teachers unions. In a scathing conclusion to her findings, Wilson said Sizemore's violations of an earlier court injunction "are disturbing because, together with Mr. Sizemore's willingness to lie under oath, they reflect not merely contempt of court in the legal sense but contempt for the court, the judicial branch of government and its processes and judgments -- indeed for the rule of law. Mr. Sizemore is so blinded by his hatred of the unions who are plaintiffs in this case that he seems to have concluded that he is not required to follow the law."[3]