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Bills to block stay on school reform bills pass Idaho House, face Senate vote

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April 6, 2011


BOISE, Idaho: Two bills have been cleared by the Idaho House of Representatives that would place emergency clauses in two school reform proposals that have already been signed into law. The bills now head to the Idaho State Senate for consideration. According to reports, this may have big impacts on those considering any veto referendum to overturn those laws. The emergency clauses would block a stay that a potential referendum would have on the newly signed laws, which would allow them to take effect, rather than pushing them back until voters decide on them in 2012.[1]

According to State Representative Robert Nonini, sponsor of the emergency clause bills, this would restore the "balance of power." Nonini specified by stating, "People get a chance to overturn it in 2012, but until then this legislation gets a chance to move forward."

Nonini also stated there was a precedent for the emergency clause bills, when in 1986, the Idaho Supreme Court ruled that a Right to Work law wasn't stayed by a referendum because in contained an emergency clause.

The two laws that the emergency clauses would be placed in, and would be subject to referendum if opponents choose to do so, are Senate Bill 1108 and Senate Bill 1110. The emergency clause bills themselves are House Bill 335 and House Bill 336.

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