Bobby Jindal weighs in on Washington's gubernatorial race

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July 13, 2012

By Lauren Rodgers

BATON ROUGE, LA: Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has endorsed fellow Republican Rob McKenna in his gubernatorial bid this year.[1] McKenna, the state's current attorney general, will almost certainly face former Congressman Jay Inslee in November. (Washington has a "Top 2" primary system, also known as a blanket primary, in which all candidates run in one race, regardless of party affiliation. Inslee and McKenna are the heavy favorites to finish first and second in that contest and advance to the general election.)

The two appeared together at an event in Spokane, where Jindal highlighted McKenna's views on education policy, taxes and private sector job growth. Jindal, who endorsed Gov. Rick Perry in his presidential run, is rumored to be on the short list of potential running mates for Mitt Romney.[2] His support for McKenna is quite a boom to McKenna's gubernatorial hopes, as polls have McKenna leading Inslee by less than 3 points.[3]

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