Brentwood City Council recall, California, 2010

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An effort to recall Mayor Bob Taylor and other members of the Brentwood City Council began in October 2009 when recall supporters served the Brentwood City Council with a "notice of intent to recall" at a city council meeting. However, supporters of the recall ultimately did not submit the required signatures to force a recall election.

Three of the city council's five members were targeted in the recall: Chris Becnel, Robert A. Brockman and Mayor Robert Taylor.

Recall supporters were opposed to the city's plans to build a new Civic Center in Brentwood's park. The city council voted in favor of putting the civic center in the park by 3-2.

Kathy Fredenberg was a core leader in the recall effort.[1]

Motivation for recall

Kathy Fredenberg, who served the notice of intent to recall, gave these reasons for wanting to recall members of the Brentwood City Council:

  • "Councilmen Brockman, Becnel, and Mayor Taylor you three were voted into office to work for us, not on your own interests. (it’s wrong that you are) building on land that should not be built upon and putting citizens of this community deeper and deeper into substantial debt."[2]
  • Fredenberg believes that a perpetual downtown park deed grant to the City conflicts with the proposed Civic Center construction site.[3]

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