Brevard County Charter Amendments, 4 (November 2010)

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Four Brevard County Charter Amendment measures were on the November 2, 2010 ballot in Brevard County.

The first charter amendment sought to establish a procedure so that residents can submit recommendations to the county on efficiency and effectiveness.

  • YES 128,593 (74.44%) Approveda
  • NO 44,160 (25.56%)

The second amendment sought to make it so that future charter review commissions would also have to calculate fiscal impacts of their proposed changes.

  • YES 121,801 (70.84%) Approveda
  • NO 50,131 (29.16%)

The third amendment sought to write am introductory preamble for the county charter.[1]

  • YES 127,897 (73.27%) Approveda
  • NO 46,652 (26.73%)

The fourth amendment was ordered on to the ballot by a court after the county commission took it off regardless of county support. A group of cities, collectively had sued the city to get the measure back on to the ballot. The proposed amendment would allow residents in the 16 cities and towns of the county vote to opt out of future charter changes that affect municipal services.[2]

  • YES 70,721 (43.40%)
  • NO 92,233 (56.60%) Defeatedd[3]